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Questions about DepositFiles Filemanager for Android application
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General questions
Can I use the app without a Gold subscription?

A free version of the app gives a sufficient number of features. You can manage your files, change profile settings, download and upload files on DepositFiles servers.

The main difference between free and gold versions is pretty much the same as in case of web-application or standard desktop software: you have to wait for 60 seconds before the downloading starts and have to enter Captcha.

Additionally you can download only those files. You uploaded under your account. The number of mutual processes (downloads of uploads) are limited to a single process. Moreover, you must wait a certain amount of time between downloads.

What benefits do you get with a Gold subscription?

Firstly, you do not need to wait before downloading.

Secondly, users with Gold subscription have a priority during the download and distribution capacity of our servers*.

* Please note that the downloading speed might be limited with the resources of your Internet provider.

Can I download more than one file at once?

Unlimited numbers of downloads per time is accessible only to users with a Gold subscription.

Can DepositFiles Filemanager for Android be integrated with a mobile browsers?

No, the application doesn't support integration with mobile browsers.

Can't access your account through DepositFiles Filemanager for Android?

Please check your user name and password. If the app still does not work turn off all software, which changes your IP address.

Do I need to make any special changes in my antivirus software settings for a proper work of DepositFiles Filemanager?

DepositFiles Filemanager for Android contains no malicious code and cannot harm your device. In some cases, security software block or limit the DepositFiles Filemanager features. If you face this sort of a problem, just add Filemanager to the list of trusted applications in you security software.

Found no answer to your question here?

Please, contact our support team. All requests will be processed within 24 hours.

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